Monday, June 30, 2014

Paleo Fourth of July

Happy Monday Blogland! :-)

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, I thought I'd do a roundup of some recipes that I've recently found on Pinterest that can make your holiday parties fun, without all those extra calories.

It's hard enough sticking to a healthy diet as it is, without the added holiday-themed foods tempting you. But this Fourth of July, opt for one of these desserts or snacks instead of gluten-packed, sugar-loaded, high-calorie foods.

Lemon Fruit Tart by Paleomg This is a healthy twist on a lemon tart/cheesecake. It still includes honey in the recipe, so it will curb that sweet-tooth, but without any refined sugar. And it just looks so yummy and festive.

Coconut Pudding by Frock Files A vegan and gluten-free take on Hawaiian haupia (pudding or panna cotta), this recipe is perfect for hot, summer days. It's cool, creamy, festive and even though it has a little added sugar, it's still on the healthier side.

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Heather Christo This is my favorite recipe of this roundup! I used to be a red velvet cake/cupcake addict before my Paleo days. This recipe is the ultimate substitution. It calls for brown rice/sorghum/tapioca flour, which is sure to provide that perfect cake texture, without all that GLUTEN. The icing calls for butter and coconut milk, which is so much better for you than classic cream cheese. It does have added powdered sugar though, which is NOT Paleo. So this recipe is Paleo-ish. If you make these for the Fourth, I bet there will be zero leftovers. (I also bet that if you don't tell anyone they're gluten-free, they'll never know.)

Blueberry, Strawberry, and Jicama Salsa by Winning Without Gluten This would be a perfect salsa to take with you to a Fourth of July party. I know strawberries and blueberries aren't exactly the typical idea of what salsa is, but it's the healthier version, and very festive. Be sure to grab a bag of gluten-free tortilla chips to go with it.

Berry Bliss Rocket Pops by Family Fresh Cooking It wouldn't be summer or the Fourth of July without a frozen treat, and these popsicles are nothing short of that. Made with fresh (or frozen) berries and either Greek yogurt or coconut milk, these simple treats are much healthier than sugar-packed traditional popsicles.

Summer Berry Trifle by The Urban Poser
This is an excellent clean recipe that's packed with flavor. And how cute would it be to serve them in mini Mason jars? It's sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and again, if you don't tell anyone it's gluten-free, they probably won't know. ;-)

And a Fourth of July party wouldn't be complete without a frozen drink! Have you checked out my Fourth of July Wine Slushies?

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  1. Love all the festive dessert! I'm planning on making a berry trifle for our 4th July party!

  2. The rocket pops look so good! Love the blueberry salsa, so festive. Cute ideas.

  3. I am loving all of these recipe ideas, Julie. I am seriously considering trying Paleo again, because it was the only thing that really worked for me in the past. If I can just get through the first two to three weeks. That is the hardest part. *sigh*

  4. These all look amazing! Especially loving the lemon tart :)

  5. You're right, it's SO difficult to stick to a diet around the holidays. These are some great healthier options. I'd LOVE to make those rocket pops and of course those wine slushed. Thanks for sharing at DDT!


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