Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Maddie and Tae, Kombucha and Shopping

One. Have you entered the giveaway I'm participating in yet? I teamed up with 22 other bloggers to give away a CANON REBEL T3i DSLR CAMERA. Enter now! It ends tomorrow.

Two. Look at that face! And those long legs of hers! Ha! If you look at that photo closely, you'll notice a big lump on her lower stomach. It's a fatty lipoma. The vet says it's nothing to worry about, just fatty tissue - and she's had it for about 5 years. But it's gotten pretty big. I'm thinking of having it cut out. Have you ever had pets that had these? Were they safely removed?

Three. Have you heard of She Reads Truth? I love it! It's like an online daily devotional/giant study group. I heard about it awhile back from The Modern Tulip. I'm so glad I found it.

Four. I love this song. Girl In A Country Song by Maddie and Tae. "Bro Country" songs, as they're called (think Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line), make you believe that country girls wear nothing but cut-off shorts, cowboy boots, and a bikini top and only dance on tailgates of jacked up trucks shaking their moneymakers. This is not the case. Glad to see some women stepping up to acknowledge that not all country girls are like that.

Five. This weekend I'm going to Nashville with my mom for a shopping day!! WHOO-HOO! It's Tennessee's tax-free weekend. :-)

Six. Did you see the Don't Try So Hard link up I participated in yesterday? The lovely ladies over at Treasure Tromp, The Florkens and Jade & Oak had the wonderful idea of doing a link up about not trying so hard to be perfect. I loved reading about all of the bloggers who linked up and let their true faces show. So inspirational! 

Seven. I've noticed on Pinterest that some people are starting to pin Christmas ideas. STOP IT. I know Christmas is like 5 months away. But I'm not ready for the Christmas-themed everything just yet.

Eight. I'm about to run out of kombucha. I have some brewing, but it won't be ready until the weekend. This makes me nervous. Lol! I love my daily kombucha! I think I need this shirt ...

Nine. Did you watch the Bachelorette finale last night? And After the Final Rose? OMG. First time anyone has been called out about the fantasy suite! Haha! But Andi and Josh are adorable!!

Ten. Finally, this may be TMI, but I FORGOT to brush my teeth this morning. Know why? Because I oil pulled, and my teeth were soooo clean from doing that consistently that I forgot to brush my teeth with toothpaste. If you don't oil pull, you should! 

Happy Tuesday!

Do you have a daily devotional book, or time devoted to reading the Bible daily? 

Have you ever oil pulled?

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  1. I was watching the show with my sister via Facetime..we both said oh wait what did he say. We had just been talking about whether or not she hooked up with anyone on the show. She looked so angry!!!!

  2. 1. Entered! Good GRAVY there are over 20,000 entries! I'm kind of lucky but not THAT lucky!
    2. Both cats have fatty pouches. Dixie more than Gus. If you get behind her when she runs it looks pretty funny just swining' back and forth. Haha.
    3. No, but I'm going to check it out!
    4. REALLY liked the lyrics to this song. Don't care for their voices, but what a great topic!
    7. Not even on my radar.
    10. I would freak if I forgot to brush my teeth! That's the worst feeling in the world for me!
    Great ten! Thanks for linking up!

  3. 2. I don't have any experience with this but I hope surgery isn't necessary! Poor puppy!
    5. Have fun shopping!
    7. I am ready for fall but not ready for Christmas yet!

  4. Ok, I've been pretty curious about the oil pulling! My bestie knows how much I love going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, she tried oiling pulling and had to call and tell me about how clean her teeth felt and how I would love it haha. I need to try! I LOVE SRT, I'm in a LifeGroup that meets every Thursday night, we started it about 2 months ago, I'm hooked :)

  5. The Maddie and Tae song was blowing up my facebook the other day and I think it's great! The video is also hysterical! I may be guilty of pinning Christmas things, but it's only because for whatever reason my mom is on the freakin ball this year and wants lists like yesterday. She actually started asking me for idea the first week of July?!? I haven't pinned a new camera because I'm holding out that I may win that giveaway! I haven't watched the Bachelor/ette for seasons, but everyone is all twitterpated over The Farmer. If he is in fact the next Bachelor, I may have to watch? But then again, I may end up wanting to poke someone's eyes out too?! I

  6. oh yah the final episode of the bachelorette and the after the final rose, im glad the season is over, in fact i need to say stooop it, i hope he is sincere josh i mean, and nik i hope he finds something else and stops analyzing everything

  7. I need to go back to oil pulling. I was doing it for awhile. I love the Maddie & Tae song.

  8. I hope you have fun in Nashville! And good luck with the fatty growth on your pop. About a year ago, my dog formed a weird round bump on the bottom of his chin. They said it was just a fatty growth, but I opted to have it removed in case it was something more. Luckily it was benign + he healed perfectly from the surgery! Whatever decision you make... good luck! :)


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