Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Things - Washi Tape, Salsa, and Black Widow

I'm off work from today until Tuesday! Whoo hoo!! I love holiday weekends! Let's get this Friday started.

One. Like I said, I love holiday weekends. But let's remember WHY we have this glorious summer holiday. When Labor Day was first proposed back in the 1880s, it was to consist of a street parade to showcase "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" of the community. Without those hardworking Americans that came before us, we wouldn't be where we are today. So, take a moment away from the barbeques, boat rides, and sleeping in to remember that this holiday is in remembrance of those who dedicated themselves to making our country better.

Two. Now, to change the tone completely, did you see the giveaway I'm co-hosting? I teamed up with 5 other bloggers to bring you the chance to win 1 of 6 awesome items! Enter now

Blogger giveaway with 6 prizes

Three. Watermelon Peach Salsa. This is my Paleo recipe find of the week, thanks to Pinterest. I'm definitely going to try making this very soon! 

{photo source:}

Four. Iggy Azalea's music is starting to grow on me. I'm liking her new song, Black Widow, with Rita Ora. Check out the video!

Five. Washi tape and the Whitney English Day Designer. Swoon. Organizing my day has never been more fun!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!! :-)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day + Wake Up Wednesday Linky

Yesterday was National Dog Day. In honor of that, I'm photo dumping pictures of my fur-baby, Lily. Enjoy!

Lily the doberman watching the neighbors
 Stalking the neighbors.

Lily the doberman with jazz paws.
Naptime jazz paws.

Lily the doberman napping; don't disturb.
Don't disturb.

Lily the doberman napping on pillow.
More naptime.

Lily the doberman napping on pillow.
Even more naptime.

Lily the doberman and her furry paws
Just look at those furry paws. 

Does your pet sleep in crazy positions like Lily?

Here's the Wake Up Wednesday Linky! Don't forget to add your link at the bottom! And enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!


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adding nailhead trim to a wood table

When furnishing our garage turned family room, I knew I wanted a round table with some chairs in there.  This way the room could double as extra dining space as well, or as desk space.  I had my eye on the Weston Crank Bistro table from Arhaus furniture for a while.

Painting Metal Chairs with Chalk Paint

Chalk Painted Metal Chairs
I am not sure where I got them, but they have been painted many, you see them blue, with little red peaking through, with just a touch of rust too..beauties I tell you, beauties in the rough!

This idea for a poncho shirt has been swimming around in my brain for a while. I have a shirt from Charlotte Russe that is similar to these, but is not as long as I would like it to be. I looked at the basic construction of that shirt to come up with my plan for making these.  They are easy and fast to make, and oh-so versatile. I could see them with a cardigan over or a long sleeve under in the fall and winter. Enjoy! 

Slow Cooker: Beef and Broccoli Recipe

This is hands down the best thing I have ever made in our married lives. I’m pretty sure my husband loved it more than anything else I have made. He is so sweet he will never say anything. But honestly try this out, it is delicious and super easy to make!!

This is a picture of my sweet grand-daughter Emmaline after she experienced
 eating peas for the first time:

Remember this DIY Chain and Pearl Necklace I posted yesterday? Well, someone requested that I make her one. And I did. And it was awesome.

DSC_0169 copy copy
Today I’m sharing a fantastic flower box with you. On Saturday my niece Laura was married. Her wonderful reception was at a vineyard here in Connecticut.
It was held outside under a tent, that was exquisitely decorated! The weather was perfect for the occasion. It felt like an early fall evening. Everything was beautiful, especially the bride!


Natural Way Organics creates all-natural, organic products for hygiene and other purposes around the house. Not only can you safely wash your hair and entire body with Olive Oil Castile Soap.

Waiting for him to ask for my number.
Waiting for him to use it.
Waiting for him to ask me out on a date.
Waiting for him to confirm said date.
Waiting for him to pick me up for said date.

Lemon Brownies 7
I love getting a bag of lemons given to me, our wee tree is getting there but only have 3 lemons from it so far! The next decision is what to make with them. A few months ago Pinterest was full of Lemon Brownie recipes, I was intrigued - I am a little slow on the uptake but I finally made them today and they are delicious! Lovely lemony smell filling the house and a lovely fresh alternative to our decadent chocolate brownie you will find elsewhere on my blog.

Years ago I found this awesome wood caddy at an antique store. It was stained a dark wood & I refinished it in burgundy to go in my guest bathroom to hold magazines. 

Summer Makeup Favorites | My Life Well Loved
Alabama heat is no joke! It has felt like spring for most of the summer, but now that the true to
 form humidity and soaring temperatures are coming to fruition, it’s the perfect time to 
showcase my Favorite Summer Makeup. These products have been my saving grace this summer for some color and to cover any unwanted blemishes.

Hello my lovely friends, today lets climb one more step on sewing ladder and make a Tote bag with faux leather base. Are you as excited as I am? Then, lets do it!!! This post looks too lengthy because of explanation, but trust me its super simple to sew it.

You go one morning to check the garden for any ripe produce. There's a zucchini there that is still a bit puny, but should be ready by the next day. You forget to check in the morning, but remember and look after dinner. It has gone from the size of a hot-dog to the size of your arm in less than 2 days! Yikes! What are you going to do with all that zucchini?!

Plum Tart
I had peaches on my shopping list, because it is peach season. However, the ones I found did not look fresh or ripe, and had no smell to them. I am not sure what that is all about, but like a store-bought tomatoes there was no flavor. So what to do? I went through the market sniffing fruit. The plums I could smell and looked inviting so I brought home enough make a plum tart.

The Best Homemade Café Frappé Recipe – Low-Sugar, Rich & Creamy! | Roxy's Kitchen With five minutes and five ingredients you can make your own! #summer #drinks #icedcoffee #lowsugar
I’ve said this before, I’m not a big fan of coffee – with one exception though, frappes! They were very popular during my high school years back home in Romania (15 years ago!), especially during the summer time. This is when I pretty much fell in love with this delicious iced coffee drink. 

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Ten on Tuesday - Award Show Edition

It's finally Tuesday! Yay! Since the MTV Video Music Awards were on Sunday night and the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards were held last night, I thought I'd base my Ten on Tuesday post about those award shows. Here it goes:

1. Twerking. I was hoping that Twerking would be cut from this year's VMAs, because no one wants to relive that debaucle that was Miley Cirus last year. Well, within the first 10 minutes of the VMAs, there was some twerking. However, if you have a butt like Nicki Minaj, I believe you're allowed to twerk, a little. It was a bit more tasteful, with her cheeks painted at least, so she wasn't bearing all. But it was still a bit risque. Maybe next year will be the end of twerking altogether. Here's hoping.

{photo source:}

2. Taylor Swift. I'm just so confused. I liked you better as a Country artist. Why do you want to sing Pop music? She performed her new song, Shake it Off, with a Great Gatsby theme. Although, this new song is super catchy, I like the old Taylor better. But, here's the video to her new song. If I have to have this song stuck in my head, so do you. :-)

3. Kim Kardashian West. I could've gone without seeing her boobs on display, but I'm LOVING her shorter hair.

Kim Kardashian West at MTV VMAs 2014
{photo source:}

4. Beyonce is in fact, a real, live person. She actually cried when Jay-Z brought her daughter Blue Ivy on stage. She won a well-deserved Video Vanguard award. 

Beyonce at 2014 MTV VMAs
{photo source:}

5. OITNB. Can you believe that on the left is Crazy Eyes? Yeah. Hard to believe. Uzo Aduba, Taylor Schilling, and Laverne Cox clean up nicely, compared to their trapped-in-prison characters.

OITNB at the MTV VMAs 2014
{photo source:}

6. Breaking Bad stole the whole Emmy show. Bryan Cranston won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, Aaron Paul won Best Supporting Actor, Anna Gunn won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, and there was a lot of writing/directing awards given as well, including Best Drama. Why did Breaking Bad have to end?? By the way, I loved Anna's makeup. It was so minimal, but stunning.

Anna Gunn wins Best Supporting Actress at 2014 Emmys
{photo source:}

7. The Bromance Award goes to ... Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Have you ever seen their show True Detective? It was nominated for several awards, so it must be good.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson at the 2014 Emmys
{photo source:

8. This happened. Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus reenacted a scene from Seinfield when Julia won her Best Actress in a Comedy Series award for Veep.  

julia louis dreyfus kissing bryan cranston lol(1)
{Gif source:}

9. Chris Hardwick explained a very important grammar mistake while talking about Internet trolls. THANK YOU! (Side note: I have no idea who he was before this. Lol)

Chris Hardwick Internet trolls and spelling errors

10. My pick for best dressed: Amy Poehler. She looked phenomenal in silver. 

Amy Poehler at the Emmy Awards 2014
{photo source:}

Did you watch the MTV VMAs or Emmys?

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ribbon Chix + Giveaway!

Happy Monday out there! My weekend flew by again and just seemed too short, but alas, the weekend is never long enough. Give me all the coffee.

Today, I'd like to talk a little about my favorite local boutique, Ribbon Chix, and share a new group giveaway! Ribbon Chix is located in Murray, Ky., about 45 minutes from where I live. It's the most adorable boutique and they provide the cutest of the cute in clothing, shoes and accessories. They carry brands such as Toms, BedStu, Big Star, Free People, Dingo boots, Minnetonka Moccasins, Lenny and Eva, and my favorite Bourbon and Boweties bangles! Just look at some of their new fall arrivals!
Ribbon Chix
{Photos from Ribbon Chix}
I've shared my love of Ribbon Chix in this post, where I showed off a new shirt from there and some Bourbon and Bowties bangles. 

Ribbon Chix and Bourbon and Boweties

Also, in this post, about my trip to a winery with some gal pals, I wore a maxi dress from none other than Ribbon Chix. :-) 

Winery trip with the girls

What I love most about this boutique is that their gift cards can be used to shop online! So when Morgan from the Truelife of KMK suggested a local giveaway, I knew I had to add a Ribbon Chix gift card to it! 

I joined five other bloggers to bring you a "local" giveaway, where we all selected something from our hometowns to give to you. There will be six winners. Be sure to follow the other lovely hosts and check out what they are giving away too! Enter now!

1: Scarf and earrings from Francesca's 
2: "Dontcha know" magnet, Aubrey raspberry lip balm, Kind bar, Cinnamon, Orange poppy soap bar, Umbrella earrings, Hand-painted feather arrow adjustable ring
3: $20 giftcard to online boutique- Ribbon Chix
4: Scarf and earrings from Retrospect Boutique in Fortworth, Texas
5: Assortment of healthy snacks and makeup
6: Captain Planet Necklace from Vestique Boutique (found here)

Morgan // Hannah // Julie // 
Ashley // Amanda // Chastity
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

How do you get through rough Mondays?

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

July Favorites

Boy, August sure came up quick and it's already almost halfway over. Where did the time go? Today I finally had a chance to link up with Mia @ Make Me Up Mia and Kelli @  A Deeper Joy for their Monthly Faves link up.

So I'm throwing it back to July for this Thursday, and sharing some of my favorite things.

1. and 2. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind and Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Show Off. I love this pink combo! I'm not really a lipstick/lipgloss wearer, but I tried this combo out, and love it! The only downside is that they have a bit of gluten in them (Yes! Lipstick and lipglosses sometime contain gluten!). So I only wear these occasionally. The lipstick stays on forever, and the lipgloss has an added touch of minty/refreshing feeling to it, which I love.

3. Foodie Penpals. I participated in The Lean Green Bean's Foodie Penpals in July and it was so much fun! I had a blast selecting items to send to my penpal, and I loved all of the food items I received. Check out my review here.

4. The Bachelorette. I was glued to my TV for every episode of Andi's season. Loved it. So glad she found love at the end. :-)

5. Pool time. I got to spend some much-needed pool time with my gal pals in July. 

6. Kombucha. I learned how to brew my own and I sure brewed a whole bunch in July. I'm addicted. Here's my tutorial on how to brew your own.

7. Essie Big Spender. I love this pink raspberry color. It's great for a summer-to-fall transition. I wore it for most of July.

8. I purchased my first pair of Corkys flip-flops! They are unbelievably comfortable and super cute! The footbed is super wide, so I feel like my toes can really spread out. And these particular Corkys are on major sale right now.

9. Last, but definitely not least, Josie Maran Argan Milk. This stuff is AMAZING. It feels so wonderful on my face, and gives me nongreasy hydration, which was perfect for the hot month of July. I love all of Josie Maran's products, but this stuff is my favorite.

My beauty essentials from July.

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