Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Things - I've Been a Bad Blogger

Friday, Friday, Friday!! It's time for another random Friday Things!

One. I've been a bad blogger lately. I've only posted ONCE this week. EEk! I'm sorry Blogland, but I've been busy with work and life. I promise, next week will be better. :-)

Two. Even though I've been MIA on my blog, I did guest post over at the lovely blog Mitchael Journey on Monday. I talked about 5 Budget Tips for Paleo Living. I explained a little about going Paleo and the health benefits of it too. Check it out. And check out Andrea's blog too! It's adorable! Also, we'll have a BIG announcement next week for a giveaway. Stay tuned.

Three. Last weekend I got to spend some time with these girls. We celebrated the 29th birthday of a dear friend of mine. She's the one in the middle in the beautiful chartreuse green dress. Don't I have the prettiest friends??

Four. I've been nominated for TWO Liebster Awards! Wow!! Thank you to Kat at Lemonade Linings and Kriss at Sneakers and Sequins!! 

Five. Question: Have you ever taken a big leap of faith and made a HUGE life change? Like moved somewhere new? Or changed your career? How did it turn out?? I'm being vague here, but I need some positive experience examples. :-)

Happy weekend! Thank you for sticking around with me this week, even though I've been MIA. 

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  1. I think taking a leap of faith and making a big change that could possibly better you is a great thing! I turned down a job halfway across the country to take a 20K pay cut because I knew I would be happier. That was a really hard thing to do for a girl just out of college who had student loans. But that leap of faith landed me where I am now, and so many great things have come from it! Good luck! I know whatever it is, you'll make the right choice.

  2. I've been a bad blogger this week too! The only post I managed for my blog this week went up this morning! Craziness happening over there!

    Also, I've never had a major change go bad. I'm actually getting ready to start a new job soon! *fingers crossed that it goes well!*

  3. I am all about taking big leaps of faith, life is short, why not ;) YES, you and your girls are so pretty!!

  4. I moved across the country for work twice and it was AWESOME! My latest life change is giving up my career to stay home with my sweet baby boy. So far, it's been the best leap of faith I've made yet! Whatever you're pondering doing, I say go for it :)

  5. Lol at your #5 - My husband is changing careers and we are ALL moving across the country!! Hoping we will be that positive example for you soon!

  6. Congrats on your Liebster awards! That's awesome. And yes I absolutely have taken a leap of faith. Flew to Germany in April, fell in love, and will be moving there this December :)

  7. #5 After finishing my college degree in my native Puerto Rico I struggled finding a job. One day I woke-up and decided to take the ASVAB. To make a long story short, I ended up joining the US Army. Married a soldier (we've been together almost 14 years), have two kids and moved to the Carolinas. So, I will say that taking that big leap of faith in 1999...shaped what is now my normal....and I love my life :)

  8. Love love <3 I am so pumped to be in your top 5 :D Let's be good bloggers next week! We can do it! :) WE took a BIG leap of faith in March and started a brand new journey, career and life -- moved our family from Arkansas to Florida! My husband took a job as the Worship Pastor for a 4 year old church plant -- and I have to say -- we love it! <3

  9. On the life change thing: YES! Last March my husband and I moved for his job, and we decided to cut back to one income so I could chase my writing dreams! It's been a sacrifice financially (but totally doable), and it's worked out so well for our relationship and for my career! If it's something you really want GO FOR IT!


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